Why Put a Third Party in Charge of Payroll in Turkey?


There exist many advantages to starting a business in Turkey. In a country where opportunities are booming, outsourcing some of your own processes or creating a whole new branch there is very useful. As a European employer, it allows you to rely on a very capable, highly skilled workforce for instance. However, handling the administrative side can be a hassle for the parent company and requires hiring a dedicated team. 

Here are a few reasons why putting a third party in charge of your payroll in Turkey can be so beneficial. 


Keeping Costs Down 

Editing pay slips involves a number of hidden costs, such as: 

  • Paying for a dedicated manager; 
  • Software licences; 
  • Training and regulatory watch fees; 
  • Penalty provision in case of a company turnaround. 

By outsourcing payroll in Turkey to an umbrella group, you will take advantage of their scale to reduce your expenditures. 


Besides, invoicing for the pay slips has the merit of simplifying your monthly accounting all while allowing you to handle costs effectively to facilitate growth. 


Optimizing Time 

One of the main upsides to entrusting a payroll company in Turkey with issuing your pay slips is the time it saves: 

  • The HR department if you choose to have one. Handling payroll in Turkey requires many hours each month and keeps its members away from their primary function, which is managing the human side of your company. 
  • The business owner when they oversee the administrative tasks pertaining to their company themselves.  


Fair Wages for the Workers 

As a foreign business owner, it is impossible to know everything about payroll in Turkey. Wages are one such area that is best left in the hands of professionals. Between the strict conventions and the many taxes and social security details to include on each pay slip, a mistake is easily made. 


In your interest and that of your workers, entrusting a specialized company with payroll benefits everyone. 


More Flexibility 

When hiring a payroll administrator, it is impossible to be certain that they will not take a leave of absence or simply hand in their resignation at an inconvenient time. Naturally, these eventualities are not invariably to be expected, but in a smaller structure with no backup, it can lead to complicated situations. 

An umbrella company in charge of payroll in Turkey dedicates an entire team to handling your employees’ wages. That way paychecks are always sent on time, even without your input. 


Professional Advice 

As beneficial as outsourcing or creating a branch in Turkey can be for a company, doing so without professional advice is quite complicated. Umbrella companies can provide invaluable insight not only in how to handle your workers’ wages, but also in general business management. 

Some groups even offer payroll management as part of their consulting services. They can 

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