The 10 principles of Financial Freedom

Most employees who create their own job use the same recipes as an employee to run their business: they work 150 tasks a day, they are always short of time... and earn less than the hourly minimum wage. Find out how to adopt the right mindset to set up your business in "financial freedom" mode...

Copying a mentor's actions

"Don't copy your neighbor," my high school math teacher used to tell me... This is the mind that the national education system teaches our children. And that's why 98% of the students will never become financially free... The school creates docile employees by constantly repeating "don't copy your neighbour". Whereas... By imitating the actions of a reference person (who has achieved the objective you are looking for), you will obtain the same results. Too bad for you "math teacher", I'm glad I didn't listen to you ...

Perform 4 tasks per day

Many self-employed people fall into the trap of their former salaried job: A busy schedule Focus on the activity (rather than the result!) 25-page analysis tables A work program programmed 1 month in advance. They traded a staff prison for a freelance penitentiary... The idea is to simplify your day with only the essential tasks. Here's how to do it: STEP 1: Identify 4 priority tasks STEP 2: Write a procedure for each of these tasks STEP 3: Open this procedure when it is executed STEP 4: Plan the next day's 4 priority tasks on a Post-it note. The more simple actions you take, the freer you will feel. I promise you amazing results...

Investing part of your earnings in skills

Again the former employee's default with his bogus excuses: 1- I'm too old to learn 2- I don't have time 2- It costs too much 4- I'm too young 5- And what else? You must spend at least 10 - 30% of your income on training. Why? Because training increases your skills and therefore your income .


An open mind allows you to listen to your environment. It is by agreeing to adapt certain aspects of your work that you ensure your future. If you look at those employees who don't accept change, it's because they simply don't have an open mind. As one of my sales trainers said: "The mind is like a parachute, you crash when it's closed."


Knowing where you stand allows you to see the results of your efforts. This can take the form of a daily chart on paper or online. Again, keep it simple when analyzing your results.

Set goals

Without objectives, no results are possible. If professional freedom means that you are free to choose your constraints... Financial freedom means that you are free to choose your income... Use this simple rule: 1- Clear 2- Reachable 3- Measurable 4- Limited in time

Modeling tasks into procedures

It's the best productivity secret I know. Franchisees generally do better than independent contractors. A simple reason: procedures! Every aspect of your business must have its own specific work flow. What's more, you'll save a lot of time because you don't have to think about what you have to do. This skill N°8 facilitates skill N°9. You follow the pattern to get from point A to point B.

Limit your time

If there is a cause for divorce, this is it! The danger of a passionate self-employed worker is to be absorbed by his activity. Set this rule of conduct if you want to maintain your family balance For each procedure in your activity, set a limited time limit. For example, set a time limit for each procedure in your activity: 1- Duration of an outside appointment => 1 hour 30 min. 2- Five phone calls => 30 minutes 3- Lunch => 45 minutes 4- Consultation/sending emails => 10 minutes in the morning + 10 minutes in the evening

Taking time for yourself

The forgotten secret of work psychopaths. Schedule sports time during the week. A simple 2 km brisk walk is enough to open your mind. Fill up your energy with sports, yoga or a good book. If time can't be recuperated, your body's energy can be recharged...
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