Tips and advice
to help you saving money

Firstly, keep a close eye on your bank statements and avoid useless spendings.

tips and advice to save money

Financial management

Manage your money cleverly

We are often tempted to spend money but it is essential to keep in mind that saving money is very important.

For example, 10% of your monthly income can be set aside in emergency savings. Also 10% could be set aside for long term saving and 10% in associations and charities. This means it is recommended that you learn to live on 70% of your income.

Savings plan

There are several kinds of savings plans. Each of them responds to specific needs, do not hesitate to ask for advice. The secret to saving is to find the right product for your profile. The different types of savings include: company savings plan, home savings plan, share savings plan, etc.

Financial Markets

There is a distinction between markets in general where several products can be traded and specialized markets where only one security is traded.
Savings plan


Stock Markets and World Markets

Speculators interested in financial markets around the world must be interested in the fluctuation of indices. These markets include Dax, NASDAQ, S&P500, CAC40…
Brokers trade financial securities, commodities and various assets whose costs reflect supply and demand.–

Securities include stocks and bonds, agricultural commodities and precious metals.

The market economy relies mainly on the interaction of buyers and sellers. According to Finantic, actors allocate resources and a distinction is usually being made between capital markets, derivatives markets, quotations and money markets.

Actually, these, markets can also be classified by type of assets: equity markets, interest rate markets, foreign exchange markets, and stock exchanges. There are also market classifications by type of financial instruments.


Tax Fundamentals and Economy

Property wealth tax, property tax, decline in rental yields have not discouraged people from investing in real estate. Many deals were financed, thank to crowdfunding. Feel free to visit which highlights the different tips and fundamentals to know in order to have autonomy and good financial health.

Tax Fundamentals and Economy
Tax Fundamentals and Economy
Tax Fundamentals and Economy
Tax Fundamentals and Economy
How to invest in the real estate market

How to invest in the real estate market ?

Investors interested in returns generated by investing in rental properties can turn to non-trading property investment companies and trusts. As mentioned by Bank All and other banking specialists, this involves entrusting the management of rental assets to a management company.


Financial freedom, building new sources of income

Financial freedom is also the satisfaction of being able to do what you want at any time. Making financial assets profitable is becoming more and more complex. There is a lot of information on about the different strategies that allow you to create new sources of income and make your capital profitable.

Financial freedom
invest in rental property

Building a heritage

Why invest in rental property ?

Investing in rental real estate consists of buying a home with the aim of renting it out. This operation makes it possible to receive an additional income and build up an asset. The investment can be optimised thanks to tax advantages.

Tax benefits reduce income tax. In order to take advantage of the tax system that guarantee a tax deduction, it will be necessary to commit to rent. Taxpayers who pay taxes can benefit from adapted tax exemption solutions. Rental investment is the only way to build up assets financed on credit. Check LOANS SMALL BUSINESS for more. 3/4 of the investment is reimbursed collecting rent. As for the balance, it is compensated by tax saving opportunities and reduced efforts at devising alternative saving strategies.