Get the best deals for your money

Collectively, it is estimated that UK banks are making more than £30bn - that's more than £3m an hour. But your money should work for you and their gain need not be at your expense..

There are lots of simple ways to make sure you aren't losing out, while pocketing a few extra pounds for yourself, too.

Current Accounts

There’s no need to put up with low credit interest rates, poor service and paying through the nose for an overdraft. Switch to a better current account.

Savings & Investments

Get a better return on your investments by putting your savings in the right place.

Personal loans

If you're looking to see who offers the most competitive unsecured personal loan deals, visit this section to compare rates from banks, building societies and supermarkets.

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  • Credit Cards
    British household debt in the UK is over £1 trillion, with the majority of this figure secured on property through mortgages, but over 15% is through unsecured debt like credit cards which can be costly. There are ways in which you can save money on borrowing and pay less in interest charges.

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